During the COVID-19 Pandemic, LHCC Group opened up Leyton House Foundation (LHCF) to provide relief and support to people affected by mental illnesses, poverty, financial hardship, physical disabilities, promoting social inclusions in the United Kingdom and other countries.

Our aims to help ease the burden that public services cannot always meet, providing valuable guidance whilst opening up the space for discussion around different conditions.

The primary aim of the Foundation is to provide financial relief to those vulnerable individuals through the provision of grants, education, training, work experience, counselling and support.

LHCF will also look at assisting individuals suffering from mental or physical illness for their treatment of care. Our approach will aim at promoting and protecting these individuals to ensure that they are not socially excluded and to help them better integrate society.

LHCC Group has acquired a shop in Woodford Green and this will be opened for selling high-quality items mostly donated by the wider community.

The service is managed by service users from LHCC Group which enables them to build on their confidence, self-esteem, promoting social inclusion and to give them an opportunity to feel good about themselves and to serve the community at the same time. Our service users and volunteers use the facility to enhance their skills in order to gain experience in the job market.

The money raised from our sales helps us to be able to support our fight against poverty, financial hardship and to provide relief to those who are most vulnerable.

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