Our services range from the provision of accommodation and intensive care & support in our Registered Care settings, though less intensively supported living-based accommodation projects, to providing outreach floating support to people in our fully independent flats.

As service users move to more independent accommodation, we ensure that the transition to independent living is taken in gradual steps that are manageable for the service user whilst providing the best value for the sponsoring authority.

We’re always determined to do better. To learn, to improve. We’re good at what we do, but we think there is always room for improvement.

Our personalised care model provides quality results and ensures that there are always helpful staff at hand.

As a medium sized organisation with a mix of services from different specialities, we have the abundant resources and network across our business to provide outstanding levels of support handling the most complex of needs.


We understand that there is a vast amount of trust placed in us by the clinical establishments, local authorities, families, and the service users. For this reason, we endorse transparency, honesty, and openness at all times.

Our company is designed to act on all concerns raised by service users.

We have robust procedures in place to ensure that when issues arise, we will be honest and take steps to rectify it immediately. We continuously self-evaluate and learn from what happened to develop procedures and ensure that it does not happen again.

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