Mental health Services

We have to recognise that mental health affects every service user in different ways Our services range from the provision of accommodation and intensive care and support in our registered care settings, through less intensively supported living- based accommodation projects, to providing outreach floating support to people in our fully independent flats or third party providers. As service users move to more independent accommodation, we ensure that the transition to independent living is taken in gradual steps which are manageable for the service user whilst providing best value for the sponsoring authority.

Through the application of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) approach and our tailored care/ support plan, all users are individually assessed and empowered to develop their potential and to lead their lives independently in the community.
Service Users’ care/support plans are tailored to the individual, but the ranges of needs we aim to meet, include those relating to independent living skills, such as; budgeting, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and prompting with personal hygiene, support around medication, claiming benefits, literacy, and numeracy skills, leisure activities, education, maintaining tenancy, social inclusion and employment opportunities.

Our registered care homes provide 24 hour high support forensic mental health care. Based in East London, close to the Olympic park; these boasts with excellent local amenities with both the national and international transport links. We have highly trained and responsive staff members with proven track record who continues to deliver a high level of service.
Regular care and support planning with dedicated key workers are done with the service users to look at the best possible options to attend their goals/objectives.
We also have a 24 hour on-call manager, dedicated activities co-ordinator, area managers, directors, and our RNMH / RGN who will ensure that compliance is across the organization.
We have fully furnished single en-suite rooms providing a safe and stable environment, allowing service users to move-on at their own pace to independent living. Tailor made packages of care are created to ensure that our services match the individual needs of our service users.
We have created a reputation for specialist support for complex needs and challenging clients.
The units offer free Wi-Fi internet connection enabling our residents to access the web conveniently and at the same time, educating them about how to safely manage new technologies.
Our Internet Connections have filters to safeguard our residents from accessing sensitive materials over the net.
We also focus on providing dedicated support for our residents’ employability and helping them apply for jobs online, hence, increasing their knowledge in Information Technology.
Gradual and staged move into our semi-independent accommodations or flats whilst continuous provision of emotional support and life skills training, Finance and budgeting, Cooking and housekeeping skills.
Social skills, specifically how to form appropriate relationships, Access to employment and education

Our accommodations range from en-Suite single bedrooms to studio flats and 1 bedroom flats. We aim at supporting the development of self-confidence and social skills and we help our residents to manage their own homes. We will also encourage them to participate within the local community to allow them to bring their contribution to society.
We also offer assistance with managing finances, including the right use of benefits. Assistance in considering housing options and in making use of Newham and Waltham Forest’s housing advice and options services.
We also provide a wide range of information on the resources and organizations that might be of benefit to our residents and to support them with their dealings with statutory and community agencies.
We will also provide help with issues surrounding moving home through general counseling and emotional support.
Our tailored support and planning will aim at ensuring that our residents are able to develop the necessary independent skills before they can actually step down.

All our homes with mental health services

Mental Health

Bridge House

679-681 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, London. E10 6AL

Mental Health

Faris Lodge

4 Gainsborough Road Leytonstone. london. E11 1HT

Mental Health

Greater London House

547-551 High Road Leytonstone, London E11 4PB

Mental Health

Haven Lodge

54 Terrace Road, Plaistow E13 0PB

Mental Health

Iman House

56-64 Bushey Road, Plaistow E13 9EN

Mental Health

Leyton House

Address - 117-121 High Road Leyton. London. E15 2DE

Mental Health

West Ham House

1A Plashet Road, Plaistow, London. E13 0PZ

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